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The District Early Childhood Education (DECE) model is a pioneering program to support the Defense Community, Veterans, and their Families by providing comprehensive educational support to their children. It leverages public education, Department of Defense resources, and industry to create a nurturing learning environment for children from infancy to five years old. Additionally, the DECE model focuses on facilitating career exploration and development for Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF), empowering them to pursue professional aspirations while ensuring the well-being of their children. This initiative is poised to become a cornerstone of educational excellence in Arkansas by fostering positive change in early childhood education and workforce expansion. By aligning with the Learns Act and incorporating reformative strategies, the DECE model aims to enhance the quality of life for SMVF and add significant value to the state.


Three initial community-based pilot sites:

    Fort Smith - 188th Arkansas Air National Guard Wing | F-16 - F-35 Foreign Mission Training Center

    Camden - Highland Park National Defense Missile Center

    Jacksonville - Little Rock Air Force Base 19th Airlift & 189th Air National Guard Wing C-130 Training Center

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